FAQ for Patients

No. Most of what we do happens after you go to sleep. During your pre-op interview we may put sticker pad electrodes on your wrists and ankles. You may have a small bruise, tenderness or dried blood in the areas where we place the needle electrodes. This is typically only about the size of a mosquito bite.
A Revolution Monitoring team member that is board-certified as a surgical neurophysiologist (CNIM) will be handling your case. In addition, we partner with neurologists who specialize in reading Revolution Monitoring cases. The neurologist watches over the case remotely to provide additional input and peace of mind.
Technology utilized by Revolution Monitoring has been around, in some form or another, for 40 years. Recent advancements in technology allow the equipment we utilize to be portable enough to be utilized at all facilities for every physician who requests it.
Every Revolution Monitoring neurophysiologist is required to have a CNIM board certification. The CNIM certification is a rigorous exam passed by about 40% of those qualified who take it (smaller pass rate than the BAR or CPA exams!). CNIM candidates are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree or clinical electrodiagnostic board certification as well as have monitored at least 150 surgeries before sitting for the exam. Our CNIMs must have a wide breadth of extensive knowledge in anatomy, neurophysiology, electrophysics, anesthesia, surgical instruments and techniques, electronics, computer technology, pharmacology, and medical disorders throughout the entire body.
According to the ASET electrodiagnostic professions survey, only 21% of people performing the job of a surgical neurophysiologist are CNIM certified. However, no stick glucose meter 100% of Revolution Montioring surgical neurophysiologists are CNIM certified. If an intern or non-certified student is in attendance, there will still be a CNIM present at all procedures.
Before you decide on a surgeon to perform your procedure, be sure to verify that your doctor uses Revolution Monitoring (or IONM) and is compliant with current standards of care. If he/she does not, you can request our services. There are many highly qualified surgeons that we do work with. Please contact us today
“It was a rookie mistake,” he said, “that I did not use neuromonitoring.”Dallas area doctor, after having his medical license suspended in 2013
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