New Vision for CNIMs

Dear fellow CNIM,
do you know what you’re worth?

There Are Only
CNIMS in the USA

According to CNIM certification numbers1

of people performing the job of a
surgical neurophysiologists are CNIMs

Based on ASET Salary/Benefits Study2

The average CNIM only makes
of what they can with Revolution Monitoring

Based on ASET Salary/Benefits Study and internal data3

Isn’t it time for a raise?

Join the Revolution!


According to one recent survey, the mean CNIM salary is $74,114/year4. We aim to give every CNIM who joins Revolution Monitoring a significant raise over their current position and place them on a plan to achieve $150,000/year within 5 years of employment. After five years, our goal is to give our CNIM a share in the net profit on each case they perform. Under this plan, our CNIMs make their own schedule and work as much or as little as they want.
The real question is “why isn’t your current employer paying you more?”

In our industry, it is rarely the CNIM who controls their own destiny or compensation. In our experience, many large IOM companies are run by private investment, venture capitalists, or other groups not looking out for CNIMs best interests. Their only real goal is to maximize the return on their investment.  To achieve this goal, those companies have to maximize collections while limiting overhead.

While we do not begrudge someone for seeking a profit, we believe that it shouldn’t be done on the backs of underpaid CNIMs.  Revolution Monitoring was founded on the principle of providing an unrivaled work environment that offers among the best opportunities for compensation and benefits for our CNIMs.  Simply put, we believe in putting more money back into the pockets of the people doing the work.

Revolution Monitoring’s President and founding partners are CNIMs. The company takes pride in its CNIM roots. This company was founded on the principle that more of the money in our industry should go back to the people doing the work. Too often, those who profit from IOM services are not personally invested in those who generate the income. At Revolution, we have a personal interest in you. Why? Because we ARE you! The management team at Revolution includes CNIMs with a combined experience of over 40 years. We’ve sat on the same stools you sit on, in the same chilly environments. We understand that your job is taxing in unique ways and we take that into consideration, always. Our CNIMs are compensated well above the national average and have a salary growth structure that we believe surpasses any other in the industry.

When you choose to work for Revolution Monitoring, you can be assured that your interests are our interests. We will continue to fight, on multiple levels, to create an environment in our industry that suits the specialized nature of your talent.