Hospital FAQ

Hospital FAQ

1) Patient outcome is improved, and 2) malpractice risk is decreased. Because of this we believe it is your duty of care to explore the use of Revolution Monitoring (IONM).
100% of our surgical neurophysiologists are board certified (CNIM).1 By comparison, only 21%2 of people perofrming the job of a surgical neuophysiologist are Certified in Neurophysiologic Interoperative Monitoring (CNIM).
Yes. There is a 48% pass rate for the CNIM exam. The exam costs $700 so only very qualfied people take the test. The CNIM is comparable to the State Bar exam or CPA exam. Currently, there are only 3,379 CNIMs in the USA.3
Contracting your neuromonitoring services will most likely decrease the cost of the service for your facility. Hospitals will save money on HR costs such as salaries, training and benefits. Also, there will be a savings to material costs such as purchasing, maintaining and updating monitoring equipment and supplies. Our professional oversight is provided at no charge to the hospital as well. We collect our fees from 3rd party billing at no additional cost to the hospital. An unforeseen “cost” to the hospital is availability of staff for varying case loads. Finding afterhours help can be difficult. Revolution’s CNIMs and reading neurologists are available 24/7, 365 day a year.

Revolution monitoring works with hospitals to provide monitoring services with a seamless presence. Please contact us to discuss the details of how we can save your facility money while providing “best in class” intraoperative monitoring services.

No. Revolution Monitoring provides all neuromonitoring machines, electrodes, and supplies.
A full patient technical report will be automatically sent to the hospital upon completion of the surgery as well as a professional interpretation report will be sent to the medical records office within 48 hours of completion of the surgery.
In comparison to an in-house IONM staff, we can save the hospital money by maintaing and repairing expensive equipment and handling training and continuing education. Also, costly human resources can be minimized.
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  1. If an intern or non-certified student is in attendance, there will still be a CNIM present at all procedures
  2. According to the ASET Electrodiagnostic Professions Survey
  3. Based on recent certification numbers found at: